The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933)

The Harder They Fall

I’ve seen many boxing films despite having no real interest in the sport yet I find they often make for great stories. I consider The Prizefighter and the Lady to be one of the great unsung boxing films. The cinematography in the boxing arenas is gorgeous; you can feel the grit and grime of the smoke filled atmosphere. Plus are the fight scenes themselves real? They look that way. I just wish the film could have done without its pointless musical number.

What strikes me most about The Prizefighter and the Lady is the intriguingly pathetic in a way love story. A woman who has fallen in love with a dunce of a jock, a man who doesn’t know any better and she is fully aware of it but can’t help that she has fallen for him; you really can feel the raw sexual attraction between these two. It’s not your typical swooning love story and she isn’t exactly ecstatic about announcing her love to her former crime boss lover who worships and adores her but is also not your typical gangster. MGM was also known for their glamorous stars yet here is Myrna Loy appearing dowdy and I suspect at times not be wearing any makeup.


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