I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978)


***This Review Contains Spoilers***

I Wanna Hold Your Hand follows a group of fanboys and fanboyettes who puts all modern day internet fanboys to shame on a journey to meet their idols. There’s alot of screaming, shouting and overall hyperactivity and I watched the entire film with the biggest smile on my face. Of course crazy over the top comedies like this are my forte and this is one of the most energetic comedies I’ve ever seen.

Wendie Jo Sperber and Eddie Deezen (whom I will always associate with Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory) are the two most hyperactive of the cast members. I find it adorable that these two, one a social outcast and the other puppy dog eyed time bomb being brought together through their insane Beatles’ worship; especially when Sperber tells Deezen, “You’re the only boy I feel I can really talk to”. Nancy Allen’s scene in which she invades The Beatles’ hotel room and strokes a guitar neck is erotic cinema at its finest. I’d do the same thing as well. Not with The Beatles but there are other celebrities of whom I was in their hotel room I would be rubbing my face against everything they’ve touched and don’t lie, you would to. The other stroke of genius is that we do see The Beatles but never in their entirety; only the bodies are seen but never the faces. If they actually did cast actors to play The Beatles in which we see their faces it would take you out of the film. The film even gives significant attention to Beatles’ haters. One of the film’s characters (Bobby Di Cicco) hates The Beatles so much he abuses Beatles’ fans and even attempts to sabotage their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show; talk about haters gonna hate.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand marked the directorial debut of Robert Zemeckis with much of the film’s cast being reunited the following year in the comically less successful 1941 despite also being written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale; I’ve always thought Zemeckis is a much better director than Spielberg.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand captures the feeling of having such a strong devotion to something. As you become increasingly attached to these characters you feel that if they really did miss The Beatles performance on The Ed Sullivan Show then their lives really wouldn’t be worth living.


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